Care guide to season and restore cast iron

Care guide to season and restore cast iron


If you have a really really rusty cast iron, start by washing the rust away first. Using 50% water and 50% distilled vinegar, soak the cast iron for 1-5 hrs, fully submerged in the solution. Then sprinkle baking soda all round to neutralize the acid then scrub every inch with a metal scarring pad, Rinse well with water then dry with a paper towel.

On high heat, place it over to dry completely for about a minute or he's in the oven for 5-10mins. Now it is dry and clean, not yet ready for seasoning so we need to get all that rust off. Using your canola, flaxseed oil, or whichever original oil you have, pour a tbsp below and above the cast iron and wipe all around with a disposable tissue and get all the rusty spots out. D o this 2 more times. We are basically treating the pan like a gentle baby but for a lifetime, it is definitely worth it. 

We start seasoning it. With your oil, coat every inch,: handles, corners, everywhere, with the rub of oil until fully coated. Clean it off again with a paper towel until only a very thin layer of oil is left. Now we place it in an oven, upside down, set oven to 500F or 206C, as flexible as your oven goes. Set it to heat for an hour.  Let it cool for an hour then check to see how it has seasoned. Repeat the seasoning process for at least 5-6 more times to get that log black color of your cast iron. A very well seasoned cast iron works better than a nonstick pan.






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