How to deslime okra

How to deslime okra


For fresh or frozen okra, they have the kind of slime that you might dislike and you are wondering what you are going to do about it. Well, this is how. Having your okra frozen does the trick a little bit. My full proof however is this. 

Take your fresh okra, on a pot, add in and pour in water until fully covered. Boil for 2 mins until the water is rushing inside. You will know when it is boiled. Once done, sieve the okra as you place in the bowl. The water turns out to be slimy right? Now it's shading off the slime. Rinse with cold water in a colander then it is done.

Like I stated, it does not completely shade all the slime off, but 90% is a good chance to leave the rest for thickening food. You won't feel slime once it's cooked. This is preferred for stir-fried crunchy okra; here is a recipe on how to prepare one


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