How to preheat fries

How to preheat fries


You might be used to heating them up on microwave but that might turn them soggy of overcooked. The point to make them hot, a microwave might steam cook them or rather cook them all over again since it heats from the inside out.

How to preheat your fries. You can do it in 2 ways. Either saute them on a frying pan or preheat in a preheated oven. Note this, do not overcrowd your fries while heating.

On a frying pan, add about 2 tsp for a cup of fries. Deep frying them will make them soak unnecessary oil you rather don't need.

Preheat a large skillet over medium heat, add your oil to heat up until it shimmers. Start with one layer of fries, heat for a minute then stir with a spatula. Leave for about 30 seconds, season then eat while still hot. Preheat fries in batches, this can only work when you do single layers of fries at a time.

With an oven, same procedure, one single layer at a time. But first, preheat oven to 450°, this will ensure its crispy. Use a strong baking sheet. You can oil it or not. Purely as you desire. Do not preheat baking pan with the oven. This should take you just a few mins unless you are doing a big batch. Keep checking until you get to the level of cripsiness you want.

That is it, no more cold undesirable fries for you:)


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