How to use home-made exotic sauces

How to use home-made exotic sauces



Homemade oyster sauce recipe

►Homemade oyster sauce is made from oyster mushrooms. It is a flavourful, Asian sauce. Add some on a bowl, dip roasted vegetables, grilled meats, BBQ pork or crispy deep-fried rolls, like spring rolls. It adds as a condiment.

►Another way is using the oyster sauce in soups. Add a few drops in your vegetable soup, chicken soup, noodle soup or any soup that lacks its enough flavour. The mushroom rich infused sauce is a great boost. Spoonful works.

►Lastly, use oyster sauce in marinades. It enriches the meats or vegetables and you can complement with other sauces like soy, which adds the saltiness to marinades. Braise oyster sauce in meats while grilling or roasting too. You can use in stir fry salads or meats just at the very end before removing from heat. As you embrace a new culture, embrace the natural way of taking it.


How to make homemade marinara sauce

►Marinara sauce or tomato sauce is a satisfying work of tomato puree, garlic, herbs and any other you can complement the taste with. Cook meatballs in marinara sauce; fry meatballs, soak them in marinara and saute for a min, add any pasta and serve! It combines all the rich flavour for meatballs and pasta.

►For Shakshuka, this dish uses a great number of tomatoes and paste. To make it natural, substitute the tomatoes with marinara sauce. The shakshuka flavour shoots a milestone immediately.

►The best part, using it as a pizza sauce. Give it a generous layer before laying your vegetables, meat or cheese. You will find it more available. Make some jars of marinara sauce and store for pizza time.

►Used in fish to compliment fresh acidic taste for the fish. Alongside using your lemons.

► A trusted dip for mozzarella sticks.

►For ratatouille, a unique dish of unique cuts of vegetable ina skillet. Uses a tomato puree you can well substitute with marinara sauce. You will be surprised.


How to make homemade chimichurri sauce

►A sauce with vinegar and an oily taste with a blend of herbs. Chimichurri sauce is a good compliment for grilled meats. Just right after roasting or grilling, you can also braise on meats as they cook. They have enough oil and texture.

►No more plain pasta, add 2 tbsp on half a bowl of pasta. It gives the smells, texture and enough oil to pasta.

►Do you love a bowl or avocado with tomatoes, simple salad is given a taste with chimichurri to add to the missing herbs? Now toss a little and enjoy.

►Have you grilled vegetables before, eggplant does a good grill as a vegetable. Top some chimichurri on the serving and enjoy the taste and flavours.

►On moist or runny eggs, a tsp of chimichurri on top adds an incredible effect.

►Spice fried potatoes with the sauce or roasted potatoes. It soaks in the oily sauce giving it tons the much flavour.

►On toasted slices of bread at home. Swab some chimichurri on top.

►Do you do creamy cheese as a dipping, add chimichurri in it and stir? Your crackers are a notch higher on taste this time. There are ways to enjoy a good sauce of chimichurri.


Homemade chipotle sauce





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