Overripe bananas overcrowding your pantry?

Overripe bananas overcrowding your pantry?


Overripe bananas are the perfect fit for foods that require much sugar, substituting with bananas works to reduce the amount of sugar in your recipe. Make a banana bread (link), or bake some little muffins with the banana paste you use for the bread. Add some butter to make it smooth and lay in the muffin tray and bake.

Making banana fritters. Now, don't wonder, this is the use of bananas mixed with dry ingredients and forming a paste and frying them in some oil https://www.blog.grubbys.co.ke/recipe/banana-fritters, tasty sweet-tooth snacks. 

Making ice cream using banana, freeze them then when ready to use, blend the bananas, spice it up with milk and some nuts then serve with any toppings as you wish.

Make some banana oat cookie. Switch it up to something sweeter, mix some oats, bananas, and topped with raisins, seedless dates, or nuts, form them into cooking sizes and heat in the microwave. This should get them ready, not so crunchy, but deliciously yummy.

Making a banana smoothie is great way to use them, blend in bananas, milk, yoghurt, chocolate or smooth peanut butter.


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