Quick food maintenance

Quick food maintenance



Take a glass jar, add in your ginger, with skin on. Boil some water and let it cool. Ensure it is cold enough then pour into the jar until full. Close tightly. Store in the fridge.


Cut the top part of the pineapple leaves. Put it facing down to avoid exposure and leave it like that for up to within a week.


Take a large bowl, add in salt to cover the bottom part completely. Arrange the eggs so as they do not touch then completely cover with salt. This preserves your eggs for longer.


Get a glass jar, cut the butter into pieces and add-in and close tightly. Melt the jar under heat, you may prefer a microwave, then store it in liquified form. 

Cooked pancakes

Take up a food polythene paper, arrange your pancakes in layers. Put the paper in between the layers. Freeze it. Remove and heat it when read to eat. 


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