The art of no-cook meals

The art of no-cook meals


I'm probably sure having an option for online food deliveries sort out your meals is great, but this is not betrayal. Let us figure the most basic thing your body needs. CONSISTENT???????? FOOD!

There is no food when you don't have actual INGREDIENTS. Stock your fridge with a few things we might need along the way. Get you some cheese, tortillas (or if you can make some crepes and freeze them, would help you a great deal), meat, chicken, fillet, vegetables (spinach, lettuce), eggs, carton of milk or milkshakes, yogurt, proteins like bacon, sausages,brawn (some will be ready to eat others will need frying). Some foods are for dry storage like fruits, canned beans, tuna, fish or peas. Include some nuts, tomatoes, onions, and sauces (you don't mind Choma sauce on your wraps????). Freeze vegetables and any other cooked food you have. Add a packet of noodles.

Now hold on to that store that is still open. Have a snack board. When you get to eat one thing here, another one there and just a little more of that actually is fulfilling and satisfying. Get yourself bread (now hold on, stock this up, or you want to tell me you don't take sandwiches....I thought so), cereals like oats and wheat grains (go ahead and stock up Cerelac and it won't give your body the value you require), get some crackers or any other bitings you prefer.

Now to the actual foods, if you want no-heat related food, I mean food that requires tossing, mixing, blending, you just stocked what you need.


Blend banana, oats, berries and add yogurt, that's a startup). A good healthy smoothie fills you for long hours before the next meal. It is easy to make a smoothie when you have fruits and cereals stocked up in the house. Learn to make one, you already have what you need.


Now get your bread and unfreeze your bacon. Sandwiches are simply a toppings of whatever you want as a quick snack. You can have boiled eggs, salad, cheese, sauce, and fruit in between. Just always have a protein in between. Make toast bread with your eggs or toast with butter. Now do things seem easy from here?


With these, it's all about the fillings. Get a bowl, cut your raw vegetables, take out any cooked rice, beans or meat. You will need some cheese or also go in with some ketchup if you dig. Roll these up in your tortillas, crepes or stored chapati. Have you tried roasting nuts or chickpeas, they are gooodddd with this combo.


You may not be a fan of salad but the trick to that is always have protein included. Add stir-fried chicken, fillet, bacon or even sausages to go about it. Use cheese too. 


I never take my noodles plain. Don't be boring. fry some sausages, stew with boiled eggs, and season well. Takes good and satisfying too.

TIP: You have just enough stock to pull anything off with these tips. Don't limit your imagination, make anything and everything. You will be just fine while you stay in for a couple of weeks.








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