Give your body a voice

Give your body a voice


Let us get to learn the different kinds of fat in our bodies before hitting the gym and starting that workout plan.


This is the fat that lies directly beneath the skin. When more calories are burned than consumed, it is the easiest and fastest fat to burn. Women from a pregnancy experience have subcutaneous fat accumulated around their abdomen, hips, and buttocks. The issue is more on the loose skin than the storage of fat. To the blessed mums, try a great deal of motivation, a high level of exercise and a healthy routine. Gradually include resistance bands in your sessions.


This fat wraps itself around major organs in the abdomen, kidney, liver, heart, lungs and clogging arteries. It may cause heart disease if not dealt with. Factors that develop visceral fat include hormonal imbalance, smoking, heavy drinking, stress, high-fat diet, and a non-active lifestyle.

A heavy drinker has tight hard-packed fat that sits relatively high in the abdomen. Alcohol does not allow proper digestion of food, which means less flow of calories.

The same goes for a person with a stressful lifestyle, the fat sits at the top of the stomach. Lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of sleep elevate this belly fat.

All these factors can be controlled by a change in lifestyle. Try cutting down on alcohol intake, cut off smoking, eat healthily, do 45-60 mins exercise per day and live a less stressful life.

Bloated belly

A bloated belly starts reasonably flat at the start of the day, unlike belly fat that has been stored over time. It grows to greater volumes as you continue taking frequent and large amounts of causative foods. Foods like dairy products, gluten foods, wheat, and fructose gives you gas and retains water. If you suffer from a bloated discomfort as the day progresses, use probiotic supplements to relieve yourself. Also, try yogurt and some cheese like cheddar and mozzarella. See a specialist if it persists.



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